The Elephant In the Room

Quarantine - Affliction or Windfall?

June 9, 2020

The Elephant In the RoomQuarantine - Affliction or Windfall?

BY Bobbi Jo Lowe, LPC,NCC,MITS

During this daunting time of pandemic, we have all been riddled with feelings.  Most have had an opinion on how this last four months has played out across the globe.  One of the most common complaints is that there is less to do, less freedom to go out and about and "enjoy" ourselves.  However, when talking with clients, it seems upon deeper examination, there has been a fair amount of bonding time with family quarantined together.  Some people are pulling out board games and decks of cards for the first time in years.  This is also a very relevant time to look at the self-talk used.  Are you sending messages to yourself that things are out of control?  One of the most powerful forces is that of our minds, or psyches and the way we take care of ourselves.  This could a windfall of time to be used to focus on just that.... you!